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ArcGIS and Excel 2007

Ahhhrg. I just understood that my fancy Excel in Office 2007 does not support dBase-files. This was probably going to happen at one time or another, fewer and fewer program were using dbf, but ESRI has inArcGIS been using it a lot so I have a bunch of files that now cannot easily be read in Excel 2007 and furthermore I cannot export to dbf for use in ArcGIS. I have an older version of ArcGIS installed on my laptop – 9.1. If I upgrade to for instance 9.3 there is a way of importing xls-files from Office 2007. Thank you very much ESRI… Reading excel-files was easy in MapInfo years ago. It even works with strange looking characters. (OK I know other formats can be read as well txt, csv etc, but it all takes time, time I do not have). Many have figured out this problem a year ago (I am slow…) There are also some small programs out there to transform from dbf to xls/xlsx  and vice vers of course and a very nice litle script. But honestly Microsoft why abandon dbf? Was it really that expensive to keep it as a possible file?


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